Mobile Apps

Mobile application development is a complex process that requires skill and experience. One of the most important challenges is to control costs and proceed along reliable timelines.

Topos Productions provides you with professional mobile app development services that reduce development cost and shorten production times. Our favorite development platforms are Flutter, Android, and Apple iOS.

Flutter is a powerful development platform that makes a cross-platform development approach feasible for many mobile app projects. It has transformed the app development process. The open source platform allows the generation of both Android and Apple iOS versions of your app from the the same code base -- saving you money, headaches, and time!

Flutter allows you to build, test, and deploy mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase.

Our team will customize your app development to your specific project requirements and help you gain competitive advantages already in the MVP stage of your project.

Cross Platform Development Advantages

  • Faster Development Times
  • Cost Efficient MVP Development
  • Simplified Marketing Strategies
  • Native Android and Apple iOS App Versions
  • Google Play and Apple App Store Presence


Your Medicare Buddy

A Digital Health Wallet

Your Medicare Buddy is a digital health wallet to help you easily organize and store insurance cards, drug list and all those critical health care contacts. All conveniently stored in one place and secure on your smartphone!

The app makes it easy to scan insurance cards and other documents with an AI powered document scanner that automatically detects the outlines of a card and transforms it into a flat scan view. All with a click of the button!

A scanner function like this can cost up to US$50,000 in annual licensing fees alone (depending on required features). Topos Productions developed a custom coded solution at a reasonable budget and without any annual licensing fees, which resulted in substantial savings in the overall development budget for the app.

Topos Productions developed and launched a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of the app in just three (3) months total development time. Furthermore, the app was launched both on Apple's App Store and on Google Play, optimizing marketing results and budgets!



Simple Wisdom

Inspiration and Motivation


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