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Your AI for WordPress Introductory Offer is Reserved!

Thank you for reserving your AI for WordPress Integration package at our introductory price of US$ 995.00. We will hold your reservation for 30 days from today.

Next Steps

Expect to hear from us shortly to discuss the details of your AI integration. To proceed with the AI installation, we will need admin access to your WordPress site. In some situations, we also may need ftp access to your server.

Installation and Configuration

After the details of your AI integration are confirmed, we will provide you with our Independent Contractor Agreement and an invoice for a $500 retainer payment. Once IC Agreement is signed and retainer payment received, installation and initial configuration of the AI components typically takes 7-10 days.

Launch of AI Integration

Once the initial AI Integration into your WordPress site is complete, we schedule a meeting to review the new features including a first training session on how to use your new AI tools for your new chatbot / virtual assistant, as well as image and content generation for your website pages and posts.

Fine Tuning, Admin Training, and Final Review

Finally, after at least 2 weeks of live application of your AI tools, we review the functions and interface once more for fine tuning and follow up questions. After completion of this meeting (in person or via zoom), we invoice the remaining balance for services at Net-10.

To get answers or additional information right now, simply start a new conversation with TAI our OpenAI powered virtual assistant. It knows our service offerings very well and has a good understanding of most website and mobile app related issues.

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